The Comensoli Center

At the request contained in the will of the painter Mario Comensoli (1922-1993), his widow Hélène, who died in 1994, established a Foundation with the task of managing and promoting its artistic heritage.

The Comensoli Center in the Steinfels area

On 18 April 2002, the Foundation inaugurated the Comensoli Center at number 267/10 Heinrichstrasse Zurich. The venue was well suited for a series of structures that were specially created to preserve and display the works, even those of a large size, and to put into order a vast historical-biographical documentation. The audience visiting the Center can therefore become acquainted with a wide selection of graphic and pictorial works and with important documents that accompany the life and work of Mario Comensoli: in short, the Center has the double functions of both a gallery and a center of studies. As per 2002 at this meeting point for Comensoli’s friends there were several exhibitions a year with various thematic topics.