Ludy Kessler: Mario Comensoli

Produced by RSI  Radiotelevisione svizzera (Swiss Italian Television). 1962

Mario Cortesi: Der Pinsel als Waffe (The brush as a weapon)

Produced by German-Swiss Television DRS. 1968

Tribute to Comensoli

Switzerland 4/Schweiz4/Suisse 4 Production. 1995

Mario Comensoli. Pittura come omaggio alla vita (Painting as a tribute to life)

A film by Mario Barino produced by TSI in 1998 on the occasion of the retrospective of the Lugano Museum of Modern Art.

Vito Robbiani: The late Comensoli.

For the retrospective “Return to Italy” in Milan. Produced by MediaTREE. 2002

Mürra Zabel: Comensoli - Maler einer menschlichen Komödie (Painter of Human Comedy)

A film by Mürra Zabel produced by 3Sat. 2003

The End of Ideologies

Comensoli’s painting after the fall of the Wall.
A Mario Barino film produced by MediaTREE. 2010

Die Kapelle der Holden Widersprüche (The Chapel of Hidden Contradictions)

A film by Dario Robbiani, Vito Robbiani, Mario Barino. 2011

Le vite che vanno (Those lives which continue)

A film by Vito Robbiani about the homonymous retrospective of Comensoli in the museum of Villa dei Cedri in Bellinzona. 2013

Mario Comensoli. Work in Progress

A film by Vito Robbiani made for the Comensoli Foundation. 2013

Revolte der Jugend / The youth uprising

A film by Vito Robbiani made in collaboration with Peter Killer and Mario Barino during an exhibition in Zurich about Comensoli and 1968. 2018